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Research Visits and Loans

Scientific research.--Material in the repository is held in public trust for the scientific community. Qualified researchers are welcome to visit the IU Paleontology Collection to conduct research on our specimens or to request institutional loans if they are affiliated with a qualified recipient institution. Note that visitors must agree to abide by our policies and by regulations that protect paleontological resources, such as the Paleontological Resources Protection Act, where applicable.

Outreach and education.--The IU Paleontology Collection is dedicated to public education as well as scientific research. Groups who are interested in visiting the Collection to learn more or to have a paleontologist visit them are encouraged to contact us.

To make arrangements.--Contact collection manager Gary Motz or one of the curators by e-mail to discuss arrangements. Please note that our staffing is limited, but we will do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests for access or loans.

Resources for Visiting Researchers

The IU Paleontology Collection does not have resources to support visiting researchers. However, a growing number of external resources for collection-based research are available. We draw your attention to a few here: